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Music for Alzheimer’s


In 2012, we created Music for Alzheimer’s, in honor of our Mom and Grandmother - Frances

Loureiro.  Through Mom, we learned how important music is to someone who suffers from this

debilitating disease.   In the beginning, Mom still knew the words to familiar songs.   As time

went on, the words couldn’t be remembered but the power of music became more and more

apparent…whether she was humming the melody of a song we had always sung, or a

noticeable tapping of her foot whenever music was playing – her connection with us, became

the music.  We now understand its importance and want to continue to share this gift with



Since music had such an effect on our Mom, we started a CD drive to give that same connection

to others.  The first year, the community donated 72 CD’s and that total grew to be over 1600

this past year.  With the help of our local newspaper, The Manteca Bulletin, social media and

our community, this amount has increased each year.   All CD’s received are being shared with

Alzheimer’s patients at local facilities in Manteca, Ripon and surrounding communities. – This

simple gift not only benefits the people with Alzheimer’s, but might be a family member’s way

of sharing in this simple connection  -  Music

               “They might not remember the words, but they always remember the tune.”